Hercules, the moth of myth


What is Australia’s biggest moth? It’s Hercules. You might know Hercules as the Roman god famed for his strength and heroic deeds, or even from that Disney cartoon with all the songs. You’re remembering right – he’s not a moth in either of those – but there is also a large insect that bears his […]

Backyard egg hunt – minibeast edition!


Many children wake up on Easter morning to discover that a large, hopping visitor has left a number of tasty chocolate eggs hidden around the backyard. In the rush to uncover these bright foil-wrapped delicacies, there’s more than a few eggs that get left behind – and for good reason. These ones belong to the […]

Are you looking at me? How insects see the world

Cherrynose Cicada

Have you ever felt like you were being watched? Perhaps you were. Insects’ lives break down to some pretty simple rules: eat food, avoid predators, and pass on your genes. They have some useful equipment to help them navigate their world to achieve these lofty goals, among the most obvious of which are their often […]

Pretty in Pink – The Darwin Stick Insect

A collection of eggs from the Darwin Stick Insect.

Who doesn’t love a stick with legs – especially one this stunning? The Darwin Stick Insect (Eurycnema osiris) is one of Australia’s most spectacular stick insect species. As a group, stick insects are known for their amazing ability to camouflage on their food and become almost invisible when they’re not moving. This is where their […]