Can you recognise a funnel-web spider?
There are a number of spiders that are regularly confused with funnel-web spiders. Get to know which are living around you.
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Spidentify is packed full of fascinating information about Australian spiders and their amazing capabilities and behaviours.
Which spiders are dangerous and which tall stories should we ignore? Learn more about spiders on Spidentify website.
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Spidentify users finally found the Shazam of the spider world! Read what they say about the app.
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Spidentify is Australia’s digital guide to Australian spiders. This continent is home to a huge number of spiders. Spidentify will help you identify what you have encountered – no matter where you are!

Spidentify, Australia's spider ID app

Minibeast Wildlife’s Spidentify award-winning app – the pocket ID tool and field guide for all Australians.


Spiders are a fact of life for Australians. We share our homes with them, check our shoes for them, run away from them – and yet, we often know surprisingly little about them. When it comes to telling the potentially dangerous ones from the harmless, the web-spinners from the burrow-dwellers, the back end from the front – what do we really know?


Minibeast Wildlife’s innovative Spidentify app for Australian spiders puts the key to this complex and fascinating world of spiders in the palm of your hand. We guide you step-by-step through identifying each spider you find, using what you see to build a personalised list of the most likely suspects. Quickly access information out in the field, and leave the heavy reference books behind.


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Spider identification made easy!


Detailed information on hundreds of Australian species with supplementary content explaining spider anatomy, dispelling myths, answering common questions, plus helpful pop-ups explaining technical words in simple language.


High resolution photographs captured by Alan and Caitlin Henderson, professional macro photographers and spider specialists.


Step-by-step questionnaire guiding the user through the process of identifying an unknown spider, providing with a list of species that best match the given description.


$4.49 for a life-time of identifying spiders around your house, on holiday, on your travels in Australia. You can download the app data and access it wherever you are in Australia, even if you have no signal or WIFI!

Award winner app!

Spidentify has been recognised by the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales at the Whitley Awards Ceremony. The annual Whitley Awards celebrate excellence in zoological publishing and it was an honour to be acknowledged along side many high quality publications. Spidentify was awarded a Certificate of Commendation for the Digital Field Guide category. We are extremely proud that it has been recognised in this way, and are thrilled to see it becoming extremely popular and helping people to identify and appreciate our Australia spider fauna.

What do our App users say?

Want to learn more about Australian spiders?
More about Australian spiders, all spider families described and FAQ about the arachnid family on the Spidentify app website.