Spider Identification

Spidentify – Australian Spider Identification


Minibeast Wildlife’s Spidentify app – the pocket field guide for parents, enthusiasts and experts alike.

Spiders are a fact of life for Australians. We share our homes with them, check our shoes for them, run away from them – and yet, we often know surprisingly little about them. When it comes to telling the dangerous ones from the harmless, the web-spinners from the burrow-dwellers, the back end from the front – what do we really know?

Minibeast Wildlife’s innovative new Spidentify app for Australian spiders puts the key to this complex and fascinating world of spiders in the palm of your hand. We guide you step-by-step through identifying each spider you find, using what you see to build a personalised list of the most likely suspects. Each species has detailed information on its appearance, behaviour and danger to people, headed by stunning, high-quality photographs on white backgrounds, bringing each identifying feature into total clarity.

For more advanced users, the app also functions as an digital field guide. Browse through over 250 species, sorting by location, family and habitat. Quickly access information out in the field, and leave the heavy reference books behind.


All spiders photographed live by Alan and Caitlin Henderson.


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