Minibeast Wildlife Studio
A studio space customised for macro studio shoots, complete with hydraulic set bases, translight backgrounds and more.
Experience and expertise
Through many years of professional experience wrangling and working with crews, we can assist you to get the most out of your shoot and capture the key sequences you need.
A great space for indoor wildlife shoots
Our studio has the space to set up large naturalistic sets to enable natural behaviours to be captured in a comfortable indoor environment.
Bugs on set
Working with live invertebrates is our speciality. We can acquire species, build sets and most importantly we truly understand the animals we work with - which helps you to get the shots you want.
Minibeast Wildlife Studio
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Amazing locations
The tropical rainforests, waterfalls, savannah country near the Minibeast Wildlife studio makes for stunning location shots to supplement the studio sequences.
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minibeast wildlife's

Macro Studio

Minibeast Wildlife Studio

A macro studio set up specifically for invertebrate shoots

We offer unique specialised space and services within our macro studio. With many years of experience in hosting international and domestic production crews, we have developed unique expertise which assists crews to get the sequences they want.

The studio has plenty of space to run up to two macro sets at the same time. It has two hydraulically adjustable set bases allowing large natural sets to be lifted and lowered simply. This enables DP’s to quickly get different shots without having to adjust their position and tripods. We can custom build set components and props such as cut-away burrows, and have an vast array of natural items and plants for use as set components and backdrops. 

Combine this with our huge live invertebrate collection and our ability to source species Australia wide, and you have all you need for a successful and professional Australian invertebrate shoot

Our studio is conveniently located in village of Kuranda, in Far North Queensland. This region, the Wet-tropics, boasts the greatest invertebrate biodiversity in Australia. 



For lighting and gripping equipment and great service on-site at Minibeast Wildlife Studio check out FilmCrewNQ

Species featured in recent productions within our studio