Stick and Leaf Insects
These amazing bugs are masters of camouflage. Minibeast Wildlife breeds many amazing Australian invertebrate species.
Australian Tarantulas
We are ethical captive breeders of these popular spiders. To ensure you are conserving them and not supporting the trade of wild caught animals, choose Minibeast Wildlife.
Praying Mantids
Each year we breed multiple species of mantids. The huge Giant Rainforest Mantid is among the most popular for bug lovers.
Huntsman Spiders
Minibeast Wildlife breeds many stunning species of Australian spiders. They make fascinating educational display animals and perfect pets.
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Captive bred Australian invertebrates for sale

Minibeast Wildlife has been operating as a leader in invertebrate education in Australia since 2005. We offer services Australia-wide; we have an educational base in Melbourne and an office and invertebrate breeding facility in Kuranda, north QLD. The underpinning aim of our business is to promote an appreciation of invertebrates and the critical roles they play, in order to stimulate improved conservation ethics in the community.

We have been breeding live invertebrates for sale for over 16 years and have therefore acquired a good understanding of this market and its trends. We encourage people of all ages to own invertebrate pets to better understand their role in the wild. They are fascinating animals and we want all Australians to understand how lucky we are to share the planet with such diverse wildlife.

why us?



We pride ourselves on our conservational ethics and invertebrate captive breeding programs. We have been strong advocates against the collection and selling of wild-caught Australian tarantulas for over 20 years.


Excellent customer support is essential to our success. We put a huge amount of time and effort into raising our invertebrates so we want to ensure they do well with you. Check out our reviews.


We ship each week via Express Post and monitor the tracking of our precious parcels. Our live invertebrates are packed securely by our experienced staff with all their needs met for their safe transit.


Minibeast Wildlife's founders have been working professionally with live invertebrates for over 30 years, providing our team with great experience and knowledge to share with you.


From books to apps, our talented team at Minibeast Wildlife have created some award-winning resources. If you are looking for quality and informative materials about bugs, you'll find them here.

we live and breathe invertebrates

Everything we do revolves around these critically important animals. Feeding, breeding, identifying, photographing, filming or providing information on these amazing animals - we do it all every single day.

Keeping and breeding Australian invertebrates for more than 30 years

We are passionate about the conservation of invertebrates. Our experience and knowledge come from over 30 years of working professionally with these remarkable animals. We have developed many specialised husbandry techniques and can provide you with valuable resources and assistance if you need it. For us, conservation, ethics and education come first.


Captive breeding is our way to preserve wild populations

Minibeast Wildlife is a leader in the captive breeding of Australian invertebrates.  Breeding invertebrates aids in the conservation and preservation of wild populations, and guarantees that our animals are free of parasites and diseases

Captive breeding also ensures that we know how to care for them successfully, allowing us to pass on useful information which will help your success. When you buy bugs online from our Bug Shop, you are not contributing to the exploitation of some fragile wild populations (tarantulas and scorpions in particular). Although many species of Australian invertebrates are in plentiful numbers in the wild, some are not. Many we simply don’t know enough about.

Australian tarantulas and some scorpions are being collected in large numbers from relatively localised populations. This may have devastating long term effects on these species in the wild. Minibeast Wildlife does not sell adult tarantulas. All our tarantulas for sale are young captive bred spiders, as part of our Ethical Breeding Program. Unfortunately, many adult Australian tarantulas for sale at present in Australian pet shops have been taken directly from the wild, are of an unknown age and often in poor condition. More information about the sale of Australian tarantulas can be found here.


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