Consulting services for live invertebrate displays

Minibeast Wildlife offers professional consulting services for zoological organisations developing live invertebrate displays.  All too often exhibit designers not experienced with invertebrates make simple but consequential mistakes when developing exhibits for these small but supremely popular animals. As a result these exhibits often fail to live up to their potential and a great deal of time and money can be wasted.


We have extensive experience with the development of world class live invertebrate exhibits and were responsible for the design, construction and management of Melbourne Museum’s renowned ”Bugs Alive!” exhibition. We can provide expert advice on effective exhibit design, species selection, invertebrate husbandry and educational content along with the provision of high quality images and vision. Whether it be a temporary display or an ongoing exhibit, we can assist you to showcase invertebrates in a stunning manner, and achieve great outcomes for the animals within the exhibits, your animal husbandry staff and your audience.

Live invertebrates supply for animal displays

Minibeast Wildlife can also provide a wide range of live invertebrates for professional displays throughout Australia and internationally (permits are required for international export).  Those listed in our Bug Shop are juvenile specimens (unless otherwise specified). Large or mature specimens can be provided for professional displayers – please contact us directly to arrange for such specimens.


Our invertebrate husbandry experience is extensive as we spent over a decade managing Melbourne Museum’s diverse live invertebrate collection, and are continuously breeding and managing a vast number of species at Minibeast Wildlife. We have conducted multiple invertebrate husbandry workshops for the Australasian Society of Zoo Keeping, with participants from institutions from throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We have worked with

Each display is unique, as well as our service

The design is critical in the success of any living exhibit and it certainly holds true with invertebrates. This is where even major zoos make fundamental mistakes and don’t take the behaviour of the invertebrates they wish to display into account. As a result the animals either don’t display well or worse, do not survive within their exhibits. We will help you to avoid that.

We can assist with our extensive knowledge of materials and methods used to create long lasting exhibit fit-out.  We have created displays for terrestrial, subterrestrial and aquatic invertebrates.  Our experience includes exhibits for a multitude of ant colonies, native bees, termites, spiders, beetles, millipedes, centipedes, scorpions,  cockroaches, mantids, katydids and phasmids. 

From husbandry guides to maintenance schedules, we can provide everything you require to manage your exhibits well and ensure they are effective and memorable for those viewing them.

We can provide you with options for educational themes, suggest species that support them and write content for your graphics along with the provision of stunning images.

Minibeast Wildlife has a huge collection of live invertebrate species and we have networks around Australia. We can even source species for you if required.

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