Minibeast Resources

Useful information about minibeasts



A basic overview of these fascinating animals.

What is a minibeast?

Find out more about these small but crucially important animals.

Activity sheets

Download our ‘There’s a Zoo in my Backyard’ activity sheets for use in the classroom or at home.

Minibeast colouring sheets

Download Minibeast Wildlife’s colouring sheets for use in the classroom or at home.

Memory card icon

Classroom card sets

Download our minibeast flash cards free for use in the classroom or at home.

Minibeast posters

Download free minibeast posters for the classroom or home.

Spiderchat with Saige

Join ‘Spidergirl’ Saige as she has fun exploring the eight-legged world of spiders!


Masters of two wings.

Christmas beetle

Christmas Beetles

The colourful beetles of summer.

Beetles - resources


The real transformers.

Garden Snails

Information about these tentacle eyed garden dwellers.

Garden Orb-weaver crop

Garden Orb-weavers

Orb-weaving spiders that hunt at night.

Millipedes link


Decomposers on a myriad of legs.

Redback link

Redback Spiders

The Redback – Australia’s iconic spider.

Funnel-web link pic

Funnel-web Spiders

Some facts about these notorious spiders

Huntsman Spiders

Australia has over 200 species of huntsman – this developing reference features clear photographs and distribution maps.


Bullants – Primitive giants of the ant world.

Tiger Beetles

Tiger beetles are the speed demons insect world holding the record for the world’s fastest running insect.



The truths and myths about these odd looking insects.

Rainforest Encounters

Rainforest Encounters

Minibeast Wildlife’s Blog about life in the rainforest.

Green jumping spider

Minibeast Wildlife Photography

Macro-photography by Alan Henderson, specialising in invertebrate, amphibian and reptile photography.

Australian mantids link

Australian Praying Mantises

Information about praying mantises, particularly those in Australia.



Bug shop - resources

Minibeast Wildlife’s Bug Shop

Australia’s leading shop for captive bred invertebrates, with a huge range of species available.

Spiny on hand small

Keeping Stick Insects

Information and tips very useful for anyone interested in keeping these amazing insects

Buying sticks image

Buying Pet Stick Insects

A quick introduction to stick insects as pets, covering what is required, some pitfalls and popular species.

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See some great images hot off the press by our professional macro-photographer Alan Henderson, get lots of fascinating information about invertebrates and keep up with the goings on at Minibeast Wildlife.

Youtube mantis

Minibeast Wildlife’s Videos

Check out our minibeast videos.

Tiger huntsma-resources

Tiger Huntsman

This is one of Australia’s most spectacular spiders which is yet to be scientifically described. It was first discovered in 2006 on a field trip for Melbourne Museum by Deanna and Alan Henderson, Jessie Sinclair and Kerrie Matthews.

Portia fimbriata-resources

Portia – The Fringed Jumping Spider

Portia fimbriata, the Fringed Jumping Spider is considered to be the world’s most intelligent spider.

Green ant resources

Green Tree Ants

High-rise ants that weave leafy nests with silk.

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