Live insects for schools

Live insects for schools

Minibeast Wildlife provides live insects for schools.


If you are interested in more than a visit from Minibeast Wildlife and would like to keep live insects and other minibeasts at your school then we can help you. We have a great range of insects and other invertebrates that are easy to keep and ideal for the classroom. The various options we have enable teachers to choose species which best suit their needs. Some species are ideal for observing within enclosures, others are great for handling, some live for a long time, and others are relatively short-lived but ideal to demonstrate life-cycles.

Here are a few of the options we have for schools – all are hardy and easy to keep:

Great for visual observation:Live insects for schools - Minibeast Wildlife


Great for handling:


Great for studying life-cycles:


If you have any questions feel free to contact us via email, or call us on 0434 998 263. We can answer you questions and come up with the most suitable animals for your purposes. We have many years of experience helping teachers set-up and maintain minibeasts in the classroom and can provide plenty of valuable advice. Our book ‘Bugs Alive – A Guide to Keeping Australian Invertebrates‘ is a great resource for teachers. It provides easy to follow information on how to keep a wide range of insects, spiders and other minibeasts, as well as details on how to create displays, handle and solve any problems you may encounter.

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