Stick insects for sale

Stick insects for sale!


Stick insects for sale - Goliath Stick insect

Goliath Stick Insect

Stick insects for sale - Spiny leaf insect

Spiny Leaf Insect

Minibeast Wildlife has Australia’s largest range of captive bred stick and leaf insects for sale online.

We breed all these species ourselves and have many years of experience so can help you with all your questions and husbandry needs.

Buying sticks image

Rentz’s Stick Insect

Australian Leaf Insect

Australian Leaf Insect

Peppermint stick insect

Peppermint stick insect

Podacanthus viridiroseus - adult female right

Red-winged Stick Insect


Cigarrophasma tessellatum - female

Cigar Stick Insect

Lichen form Onchestus

Crowned Stick Insect (Lichen form)

Visit our page on keeping stick insects for a basic overview of what is required to manage these fascinating animals.

The book ‘Bugs Alive – A Guide to Keeping Australian Invertebrates’ provides all you need to know to care for stick insects.

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