Breeding room

 The Breeding Room


Welcome to the Breeding Room! Here you will find live invertebrate species we have in breeding programs with our estimates of when we will have them available.

When available they will be listed in our Bug Shop.

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Australian Leaf Insect, Phyllium monteithiLeaf insect Phyllium monteithi Vsmall

Available Now

 Banded-legged Stick Insect, Candovia annulataCandovia annulata - adult female

TBA 2016

Children’s Stick Insect, Tropidoderus childreni

Tropididoderus childreni


Cigar Stick Insect, Cigarrophasma tessellatum

Cigarrophasma tessellatum

Awaiting hatching

Goliath Stick Insect, Eurycnema goliathGoliath Stick insect

TBA 2016

Red-winged Stick Insect, Podacanthus viridiroseus

TBA 2017

Lichen Crowned Stick Insect, Onchestus rentziLichen form Onchestus

Available now



Pseuodomantis albofimbriata

False Garden Mantis, Pseudomantis albofimbriata

Eggs produced. Awaiting hatching.

Hierodula 1

Giant Rainforest Mantid, Hierodula majuscula

Available now


Green Garden Mantis, Orthodera ministralis

Breeding again for 2017

Grass Mantis, Archimantis latistyla

Breeding again for summer availability

Green desert mantis

Green Mallee Mantid, Archimantis sobrina

TBA 2017

Archimantis monstrosa

Monster Mantis, Archimantis monstrosa

Breeding soon.

Purple-winged mantis

Purple winged Mantis, Tenodera australasiae

Awaiting hatching.


AmblypygidAustralian Amblypygid, Charinus pescotti

Available Now


Australian tarantula, Coremiocnemis tropix


Australian tarantula, Phlogius sp. Kuranda

Available now

Selenotholus sp

Australian tarantula, Selenotholus sp. Alcoota

Breeding again for 2017


Australian tarantula, Selenotypus sp.

Spiderlings emerged, available early 2017


Northern Badge Spider, Neosparassus salacius

Available now


Cave Huntsman, Heteropoda sp.

Available now


Eastern Prowling Spider, Miturga gilva

Available February 2017

Beregama cordata

Fire-back Huntsman, Beregama cordata

Breeding again for summer availability

Portia fimbriata small

Fringed Jumping Spider, Portia fimbriata

Available Now

Holconia immanis

Giant Banded Huntsman, Holconia immanis

Available Now

Golden huntsman

Golden Huntsman, Beregama aurea

Eggs laid – awaiting hatching

Net-casterNet-casting Spider, Deinopis sp.

Eggs laid – awaiting hatching


Marbled Scorpion, Lychas variatus

Available February 2017

Rainforest scorpion

Rainforest Scorpion, Hormurus waigiensis

Available Now

Redback W3

Redback, Latrodectus hasselti

Available Now

Delena canceridesSocial Huntsman, Delena cancerides

Available 2017

Tiger huntsman_2012

Tiger Huntsman, undescribed species

Breeding resumed – not available as yet due to limited numbers


Trapdoor spider, Cataxia sp.

Available March 2017

Crickets, Katydids and Grasshoppers

Cape York Head Squeaker, Goodangarkia praesinus

Hatching now  – available soon

Fierce Predatory Katydid, Hexacentrus mundurra

Eggs laid – awaiting hatching.

Hooded Katydid, Phyllophorella queenslandica

TBA 2016

Leaf-winged Katydid, Mastigaphoides sp.

TBA 2017

Palm Katydid , Segestidea queenslandica

Hatched and growing well – available soon

Pink-jawed Katydid, Emeraldagraecia munggarifrons

TBA 2017

Rainforest Tree Katydid, Phricta spinosa

Available now

Spiny-legged Katydid, Paracaedicia serrata

Breeding now

Spotted Predatory Katydid, Chlorobalius leucoviridis

TBA 2017

Stripe-faced Katydid, Nicsara bifasciata

Breeding again –  available spring/summer 2016

White-kneed King Cricket, Penalva flavocalceata



Collared Grasshopper - Pardillana ampla

Collared Grasshopper, Pardillana ampla

Eggs laid – awaiting hatching.

Slender Gumleaf Grasshopper

Slender Gumleaf Grasshopper, Goniaea vocans

Breeding again for availability spring/summer 2016.


Fringed Cockroach

Fringed Cockroach, Cosmozosteria sloanei


Giant Burrowing Cockroach, Macropanesthia rhinoceros

Breeding again for 2017


True Bugs

Giant water bug

Giant Water BugLethocerus insulanus

TBA 2017

Assassin bug2

Hellbender Assassin Bug, Reduviidae

Available now.


Ethmostigmus rubripes

Rainforest Centipede, Ethmostigmus rubripes


Elongate millipede

Brown Rainforest Millipede, Spirobolida

Available Now

Giant scrub millipede

Giant Scrub Millipede, Spirobolida

Breeding for 2016

Cooktown Red-legged Millipede

Cooktown Red-legged Millipede, Rhinocricidae

Available Now


Green Flower Beetle

Green Flower Beetle, Ischiopsopha wallacei yorkiana

TBA 2016


Hadra webbi

Rainforest Snail, Hadra webbi

Breeding again for early 2017.

Rainforest snail

Fraser’s Banded Snail, Sphaerospira fraseri

TBA 2017


Emperor Moth - Syntherata escarlata

Northern Emperor Moth, Syntherata escarlata

TBA 2017

Orchard butterfly

Orchard Butterfly, Papilio aegeus

Available now

Bee Hawk Moth, Cephonodes kingii

TBA 2016

Hercules caterpillar

Hercules MothCoscinocera hercules

Eggs laid – awaiting hatching

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