The Breeding Room

Explore the largest collection of live captive-bred invertebrates in Australia. Breeding Australian invertebrates is one of our key areas of expertise, and we breed and raise more than 100 species. From arachnids to gastropods, we breed a wide variety of invertebrate groups for our education programs, our work with film and documentary production and of course, to make them available for bug lovers throughout the country.

A passion for breeding Australian invertebrates

Australian invertebrate breeding is one of our major areas of expertise, with over 30 years of professional experience in invertebrate husbandry. Here you will find the collection of invertebrates that we are currently working with. This will give you an indication of what we may have available in the future and what is available now. We breed and raise them sustainably to produce healthy and long-lived bug pets.


Here you can browse the invertebrate species you may be interested in, and track their progress. When they become available they will be listed in our Bug Shop.


Not all of them will be available year round as it is dependant on factors including seasonality, breeding success and demand.  Some species are not available as pets in the Bugshop, and are bred specifically for our work in education and the production of nature documentaries and other media. 

The largest captive-bred invertebrate collection in Australia

Discover more about invertebrates

With over 30 years of experience in keeping and breeding Australian invertebrates, we have a lot of knowledge to share with you! You can find some interesting articles on all sorts of invertebrates below. You may also like to visit our Bug Shop to see which species we have available now. 

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