Minibeast TV

Minibeast TV

Minibeast TV is produced by Minibeast Wildlife. Each episode is a short informative segment about our amazing invertebrates. We showcase the various species in our collection, highlighting their appearance, life-cycle and behaviour. We also demonstrate how to care for various invertebrates in captivity – very useful if you are considering keeping these fascinating animals.

Episode 1. Rainbow Stag Beetles

Meet the spectacular Rainbow Stag Beetle (Phalacrognathus muelleri), one of our most highly sought after pet/display species.

Keeping Rainbow Stag Beeles

Episode 2. Keeping Rainbow Stag Beetles

A simple tutorial in how to set-up and keep Rainbow Stag Beetles in a basic enclosure.

MBW TV ep3 thumb

Episode 3. Huntsman spiders

Meet some of the species we are keeping at Minibeast Wildlife, including the enormous Golden Huntsman (Beregama aurea).

Episode 4. Setting up a stick insect enclosure

A simple tutorial showing how to set up a stick insect that caters for all their basic needs. A must watch for beginners.

Episode 5. Crowned Stick Insects

Introducing the lichen-form of the Crowned Stick Insect (Onchestus rentzi).

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