Educational Incursions

Educational Minibeast Incursions!

School visits with live insects and other minibeasts

(Servicing Melbourne, Victoria and north Queensland)


minibeast incursions

Live minibeasts in your classroom!

Using a stunning array of live invertebrates, we offer a range of programs which will supplement core curriculum and aid teachers to cover a number of key concepts.


One-hour educational sessions for groups of up to 30 students.

We want our minibeast incursions to be valuable for your students, so we can tailor them to your needs or cover your choice of our topics.

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Rainforest millipedeWhat is a minibeast? 

Confused about what is and what isn’t a minibeast? Here’s a quick overview!


Want to keep minibeasts in your classroom?Extat on white small

Keeping these animals can be a really rewarding and
educational experience that kids don’t forget!


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