Bugs Alive!

A book for all invertebrate keepers!


Bugs Alive! - A Guide to Keeping Australian Invertebrates

This detailed guide is the first of its kind in Australia - no where else will you find information on keeping such a range of Australian invertebrates!

2008 Whitley Award recipient

2009 ARAZPA Publication Award

It is a must for anyone considering keeping bugs. It includes care guides for over 90 individual species including spiders, ants, praying mantids, scorpions, stick insects, grasshoppers, katydids, centipedes, millipedes and snails.

Two of the authors (Deanna & Alan Henderson) operate Minibeast Wildlife. All three authors are experienced invertebrate keepers at Melbourne Museum where they developed and ran the extremely popular Bugs Alive! exhibition.


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Live pet bugs

Currently available through Minibeast Wildlife


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