Green diving beetles

Green Diving Beetles

Cybister sp.


Green Diving Beetle are active aquatic scavengers, feeding on dead or weak animals in ponds, swamps and dams. They are air breathing insects and need to return to the surface periodically to breathe. To breathe the beetles reverse up to the surface, poke the tip of their abdomen out and allow air to be trapped beneath their eylytra (wing covers). When active and feeding they need to return to the surface much more often than when they are at rest. They are strong swimmers and use their hair covered hind-limbs as oars to propel them through the water. They can also fly, and will take to the air if the water body they are living in dries up to find a new home. Green Diving Beetles are relatively long-lived and will live up to 18 months as and adult beetle.

Music and images by Alan Henderson

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