Minibeast Posters

Minibeast posters 

Download, print, laminate and use these minibeast posters in the classroom – free!

Minibeast posters - Marvellous minibeasts poster

Minibeasts are marvellous! They live all around us and we could not survive with out them. This simple attractive poster is designed to allow children to become familiar with some of the invertebrates we know as minibeasts. The poster is free to download and print as a whole. Laminate and use in the classroom at school or on the wall at home!

Classroom posters - spider Classroom posters - grasshopper

Classroom posters - scorpion

Minibeast Wildlife’s spider, grasshopper and scorpion anatomy posters are a great way to introduce students to the basic parts of these animals’ bodies.

Print these educational A3 classroom posters to supplement your minibeast classroom theme or use them at home!


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