Bugs Alive

Invertebrate education, display, husbandry and conservation

Bugs Alive Conference

1st - 4th December 2022, Kuranda Far North Queensland

The Bugs Alive Conference for 2022 was a great success and involved delegates from zoos, universities, museums and others from around Australia and New Zealand. The next conference will be held in 2024.

Conference organisers and facilitators:

Jessie Sinclair (Melbourne Zoo),  Deanna Henderson (Minibeast Wildlife) and Alan Henderson (Minibeast Wildlife)

Thursday 1st December, from 5pm: Evening icebreaker and supper. Field collection techniques, photography and observation of wild invertebrates in the Wet Tropics.

Friday 2nd December, 9am – 5pm: Information and practical sessions, facility tours of Minibeast Wildlife and Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Saturday 3rd December, 9am – 5pm: Papers and workshops. Evening field work

Sunday 4th December, 9am – 3.30pm: Papers and workshops

Join us in 2024 for the next conference!

Join us in the Wet Tropics of Far North Queensland to share techniques, projects and ideas about invertebrate husbandry, display, education and conservation. Participants will have a chance to explore the rainforests, facilitate or participate in workshops and presentations, and visit FNQ invertebrate facilities